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Oct 20, 2016

What Injuries Qualify As Orlando Personal Injury Cases When You Work On a Construction Site

Construction sites are places where you are prone to accidents, even if the employer took all the necessary precautions and the site complies with OSHA regulations. Due to these regulations the number of accidents decreased in the last years, but there are some injuries which still take their toll in any construction. Here are the most common personal injuries that might occur on a construction site. Read more inurance facts: The Florida Insurance Lawyer.


Falling people and falling objects

Working on scaffolding, at tall heights is the recipe for a fatal fall. Falling makes about one third of all the construction site accidents and they usually result in partial impairment – the lucky ones are impaired temporary, but there are also workers who lose their abilities forever. This is the most obvious case of personal injury, which qualifies the impaired worker to file for a case and ask compensations for the time he is going to be impaired.


Construction workers do have their hats to protect their heads, but building sites are filled with heavy objects which can fall for height. Consider a small pebble can break your skull and you will realize the hat is nothing at all in the way of a cement bucket. This happens to be the lightest items on a construction site. When the unfortunate event happens, you want to gain compensations for your family. Falling objects can also harm passengers, so if you've been unlucky to pass by a building in construction and something fell off it, you can ask a lawyer to file a personal injury claim.


Heavy equipment and personal injuries

Personal injuries can also occur due to negligence. If you are manoeuvring a heavy machine or you are working close to one which hasn't been maintained properly, you can suffer injuries. Cranes, concrete pumps, forklifts and wheel loaders are the most dangerous machines you can work with, as well as those which result in the most personal injuries each year.


Electrocution and explosions

Playing with fire is not advisable, but on a construction site there are many times when you are doing just this; explosions happen more frequently than one could imagine, even if they are among the less common accidents, compared to falls, for example. The risk of fire and electrocution is also present at all times, even if the workers have special equipment to protect them. Controlled explosions during demolitions can also go terribly wrong and hurt someone. Most of the times, negligence is the cause of these accidents, which is caused by faulty equipment.


Trenching accidents are the most frequent

Trenching accidents have a 112% chance of occurring, which is way more than other types of accidents. Materials can slip, scaffolding can break and so on, burring workers alive on excavation sites or causing severe injuries. These accidents allow the worker to file a personal injury claim with help from a special lawyer and gain the compensations he deserves.


Apart from these types of accidents on construction sites, there are plenty more, which is why many construction site workers keep an attorney close to them at all times.